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Wynona vs Prue ‘Little’ Game

Wynona vs Prue 'Little' Game

Generally I am not a big fan of cute little kid events, but this one was actually pretty funny. Twice a year Wynona and Prue Elementary Schools compete in a fun game of basketball. Sometimes the boys or girls teams don’t have enough players so they go coed. Here is a pre-game shot of the first and second grade team. This little girl was pretty excited during the girls game and even more excited to get to play in the boys game.



Warm Window View

The temperature high for Sunday, Jan. 9 is 37 degrees in Tyler, Texas. Being a Kansas native you would think I could handle it, but I am terrified.


East Texas State Fair

Jan Henry

Jan Henry
One year ago Jan Henry lost her husband Todd Henry. He was stabbed by a student in his classroom at John Tyler High School in Tyler, Tx. You can find the full story at

barn life

Fewins Family Barn Life

Not long before my mother was born the Fewins farm house burnt down, including all the latest Christmas presents. It took six years to rebuild, and until then they lived in the barn. My mother has seven brothers and sisters. I am not sure how many were still living at home when they took up in the barn, but it wasn't exactly spacious.