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Jim ‘Walmart’ Campbell and some explaining

The new year started out pretty busy. We (the two person newsroom I work in) have been putting together the 2011 newspaper contest entries and organizing promotional work for a possible summer intern. I haven’t been shooting as much as I would like and am feeling a little burnt out, but I’ll live. I did shoot one quick assignment that I find decent enough to share.

There are little to no real retail stores in the small town where the paper is based. In fact, half of the town’s businesses were shut down by the tax commission last fall. There is one store, Jim & Joy’s Retail, that is pretty interesting. It’s a small second-hand store with all kinds of odds and ends, and it’s cheap. It’s run by Jim and Joy Campbell, a retired husband and wife duo. Some of the locals call the shop Barnsdall’s Walmart, some call it Jim’s Walmart.

There are have a few times the Campbells has unknowingly sold some expensive items, such as a $150 kerosene lamp, for less than $10, but Jim doesn’t even mind. After all, he just likes to buy things and his wife likes to sell, so it’s really a perfect business for the both of them, he said.

Jim Campbell wonders from the back of his store, where he is often repairing items, to the front to check on his wife Joy.

A local patron mills about the store, checking out the latest inventory Jim picked up during the weekend.


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