documentary photographer

Okie Noodling

Some local noodlers took me out on an all day noodling trip, where you fish for flathead catfish by hand. Oklahoma is one of eleven states where noodling is legal. The guys I went with have competed in the annual Pauls Valley Tournament before and took third place last year. This year’s tournament is Friday, July 9, and they will be there again to try their luck. Too bad the guys didn’t have much luck the day I went with them , but they were great to watch (and listen to). Each one claimed to be better than the other. When a fish got away it was always some other guy’s fault. Whoever didn’t have his hand down in the hole should be the one there, etc. It made for some great entertainment, and they knew it.¬†Unfortunately most of the action takes place underwater, so I think I will rent some underwater gear and go out with them again before the season is done at the end of July. You can legally fish flatheads year round, but according to my noodling experts the best time to go is June and July. Anyway, here are a few shots from my first trip.


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