documentary photographer

tis the season

Every June the Osage Nation holds it’s In.lon.shka Dances in each of its three Osage County districts, Gray Horse, Hominy and Pawhuska. Pawhuska’s will be this weekend. No pictures are allowed of the actual dances or arbors if you are wondering where those photos are.

The Osage men line up to enter the arbor. They line up based on family and age. Oldest first. The women enter after the first water break and dance around the outside edge of the arbor.

The women get the men ready and after the men line up they help get each other ready. It took me awhile to realize this because all the Osages I know are men.

In the summer heat you start sweating before you even dance, especially since broadcloth is made of wool. I hear talk that the dances were in October at one time.


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